Calafell is brimming with heritage - Visita Calafell


Calafell’s heritage sites range from the prehistoric age (Balma de la Graiera or Foradada Cave) to more recent times, such as the iconic Pes building – the former Fishermen’s Guild, which is now an interpretation centre.

We’ve got four heritage sites open to the public (the Iberian Citadel, Holy Cross Castle, Casa Barral Museum and Fishermen’s Interpretation Centre).

You’ll find guided tours and other scheduled activities on the website’s diary and our social media accounts. We’ll also be more than happy to create bespoke group activities. For more information, please check the information for each site.

The Calafell Històric team has created our very own range of educational activities aimed at both students and tourists alike. We also take part in experimental archaeological projects and in their dissemination based on our activities.