The Fishermen’s Guild, the Calafell Fishermen’s Interpretation Centre - Visita Calafell
Passeig Marítim de Sant Joan de Déu, alçada c. de Sant Pere, 43820 Calafell

Period: Contemporary

The building of the former Fishermen’s Guild, the iconic Pòsit, has now become the Fishermen’s Interpretation Centre, whose mission is to explain part of the collective past of the most recent history of the seaside district.

It was created to keep the legacy of the beach ‘with the most boats’ along the Catalan coastline, as described by Carlos Barral.

The centre explains how the fishing community lived: the relationship between skippers and their crew, the things they have to do at sea and on land, their social and cultural expressions, etc. – in a nutshell, it’s a way of life that takes visitors back to the past century.

Visitors can conclude the visit by feasting their eyes on the jewel of the museum: the ‘maquinilla’, a piece of equipment that’s practically unique across all of Catalonia. Since the 1920s, this engine has made the life of fishermen a little easier, helping them to beach their boats on the beach, as Calafell did not have a harbour.

  • Accessible with wheelchair (except for the ‘maquinilla’ room).

Listing Amenities

  • Accessible
  • Book shop
  • Toilets