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Calafell means sports

Calafell, with a wonderfully mild climate all year round, is the perfect place to enjoy many different sports, making it an attractive tourist destination.

Traditional sports

Don’t miss out on the fascinating traditional sports done in Calafell for many years now. There’s an exciting history behind each and every one of them.


It’s an unsinkable boat that’s simply remarkable as it’s surely the only one of its kind in the world: every time it tips over, it simply returns to its original position. It’s definitely a must-see. It has a length of 10 metres and 15 centimetres , a beam of 2.5 metres and a depth of 1 metre. It has five oar per side.

Annual outings: 29 June, 16 July, 15 August and 11 September.

Passeig Marítim de Sant  Joan de Déu, Calafell Beach

Lateen sailing

The Carlos Barral Catalan Catamaran/Lateen Sailing Association of Calafell aims to promote sailing in a Catalan catamaran, a lightweight sailing dinghy invented in Catalonia that is unique in the world, and to recover old fishing boats to sail them using a lateen sail.

Although the boats are in Port Segur-Calafell marina, its headquarters are found in the lovely, iconic building of the Destil·leria.

Carretera del Sanatori, 3 (Destil·leria l’Hostal), Calafell Beach

Llaguts de Calafell and Vogadors de Calafell

The Llaguts de Calafell and els Vogadors are two organisations that promote the practice of fixed seat rowing in catboats.

The catboat is a traditional boat that was previously used for fishing or the transportation of goods. Whenever the weather took a turn for the worse, the fishermen on the catboat got their oars out and raced each other back to the harbour. This is how this rivalry started, culminating in regattas. It became more and more common for fishermen to compete against each other during local festivals to lay rivalries regarding the speed of their boats to rest.

Port Segur-Calafell

The Port Segur-Calafell marina was inaugurated in 2005. It has berths for boats of up to 24 metres in length, parking for visitors and berth holders, store rooms, petrol station, laundry, etc.

What’s more, it has boasts plenty of dining options, nautical services and shops, a large square measuring over 10,000 m² for all kinds of events, sports and leisure.

Races and other popular sports activities

WATER RACE/SCHOOL CROSS-COUNTRY RACE: It’s held every year in March with the aim of promoting sport for all. The Water Race, for the older participants, is 5 km long. More than 500 young runners from 4 to 16 years of age take part in the School Cross Country Race. In total, there are around 1,000 runners participating around Port Segur-Calafell.

FUN BIKE RIDE: Nearly 1,000 people take part in this race held every year in April with the aim of making peaceful coexistence possible and promoting sports activities. The race is 10 km long.

HISTORIC TRAIL: A mountain race with around 300 participants in three categories: 10 km race, 16 km race and 10 km hike.

CALAFELL FUN RUN/WALK: Nearly 1,000 people participate under three categories: 10 km of Nordic walking or walking, 2 km for children and families and 5 km for adults. It’s held in Port Segur-Calafell in October and the race runs along the seafront promenade. It’s an event to promote physical activity among the population and sport for children and families.

WOMEN’S FUN RUN: A non-competitive four kilometre-long race for women of all ages to fight against breast cancer.

SPORTS GALA: Gala held every two years at Joan Ortoll Theatre to pay tribute to the best sportsmen and sportswomen in Calafell.

For more information on all the sports and sports organisations in town:

OMEC (Municipal Sports Office)
Av. Vilarenc, 2
Tel. +34 977 699 009