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Calafell, the best company for you

You live alone and you love it. But when it’s time to go places, it’s not just about visiting sights and attractions, you’re looking for the whole package.

Travelling alone gives you complete independence and freedom. You can decide where to go and what to do at each place… Most of all, if you’re raring to meet new people at a destination that’s perfect for singles, you’ve come to the right place: Calafell.


Calafell boasts a rich historic heritage. Here you can visit the home of writer Carlos Barral, the Calafell Fishermen’s Interpretation Centre, the Iberian Citadel or Holy Cross Castle.

Calafell has several workout parks, that is, outdoor gyms with fitness equipment such as parallel bars, trapeze ring bars, low dip bars and horizontal ladders: at Plaça del Mil·lenari, at the beach in front of Carrer del Vístula, in Port Segur-Calafell marina, in Carrer de l’Hostal at Vilarenc Park and in Carrer de Jaume Rafel corner of Carrer del Doctor Vandellòs.

And that’s not counting the wonderful array of events that Calafell holds throughout the year:  folk festivals, craft fairs, music shows, singing of habaneras, local festivals, etc.