Villa Service - Visita Calafell
Pg. Marítim de Sant Joan de Déu, 57, 43820 Calafell

Tourist apartment rental and sale service

Villa Service, was founded in 1962 by Amsterdam-born Robert FH Pijpers, who became a naturalised Spanish citizen in 1975. Robert Pijpers arrived to Calafell in 1962 and opened the first tourist information office in town. This was how he started renting out tourist apartments to foreigners.

In 1965, he opened the Villa Service office along Passeig Marítim, becoming the first company set up for and engaged in holiday lettings in Calafell. It continues to be the leading company in the business of tourist apartments and villas in the area, working with more than 60 Spanish and international agencies.
Robert spoke seven languages and was well-known for his efforts in driving tourism in the area. He was given recognition for it by the Councillor’s Office for Economic Development and Tourism of Calafell Town Council in March 2007 for all his efforts and professional career.

In 1986, Villa Service expanded its office as well as its service offerings, and the current director, Anna Maria Gómez Jordi (real estate agent, legal expert, property manager and business technician) joined the company.

Anna Maria created the Sales Department to offer different property services such as the sale of properties, annual lettings, consultancy services, inheritance, asset management and all kinds of Spanish and international transactions. Aside from property services, the company also provides advice on legal and tax matters.
Villa Service was recognised – once again – in 2009 for its track record by the Business Confederation of Tarragona Province (CEPTA).

In 2010, she helped create a local multiple listing service (MLS), Agrupació Immobiliària de Calafell (AIC), with Anna Maria serving as its chairperson.

Villa Service has always been keenly aware of the need to solve any of its clients’ problems, thereby ensuring that its services are actually of great help to them and providing them with a quick and effective solution.